Save Your Furniture but Don’t Declaw Your Cat

Is your cat clawing the furnishings and climbing the draperies? Have you thought about having kitty declawed? Stop! Read about declawing and the correct choice to save your furniture and your drapes.

One of the biggest disadvantages to owning a cat is the harm they can do to furniture and curtains. Cats really like to climb and they need to scratch. Scratching serves not only to maintain kitty’s claws in great shape, it also can serve as physical exercise for his forelegs.

If you’ve experienced the frustration and anger of coming home to find a ruined couch or wing back chair, you have possibly been tempted to think about having your feline friend declawed. Don’t! Declawing a cat is inhumane for a variety of reasons. The thing is, unlike almost all animals, cats walk on their toes, not the soles of their feet. A cat’s claws are really connected to the last bone of its toe.

This means that when you eliminate your small friend’s claws, you are also removing the very last bone and joint in each and every one of its toes. It would be exactly like amputating the last bone in every single one of your fingers! It can make walking challenging and it takes away his natural defense if he gets himself out of the house. There exists also possibility of nerve damage, extreme pain and infection.

Declawed cats all too often grow to be aggressive, fearful or distant. In reality, declawing is illegal in a a number of civilized countries. But there’s great news! There’s a natural and humane strategy to save your furniture, your drapes and your sanity.

Offer your feline buddy with a cat tree or condo. Make it tall and sturdy enough to give your small friend someplace to climb and look down on the world. Include a scratching post of sisal rope or some comparable material. Cats climb and scratch by nature. Give kitty a location to do it and you will both be happier.