• Animals News 01.10.2021 Comments Off on How to Protect Your Pot Bellied Pig With Exotic Pet Insurance

    The typical pet owner has a cat or couple of dogs and getting them health care is usually a phone call to the local vet. Usually the costs are contained because the pet is well known to the vet and their staff, as they see hundreds of dog or cats every week. Common insurance can help with vet bills and supplement care based on monthly premiums.

    Common pet insurance can easily be obtained for the standard dog or cat, but exotic pet insurance may a bit more challenging to find of you have an unusual pet like a pot bellied pig. Exotic pets can be more difficult to cover but not impossible. Avian or other pet plans can cover the following types of animals:

    Amphibians (Frogs, Lizards and Geckos)
    Chinchillas and Ferrets
    Rodents like (Gerbils/Hamsters and Guinea Pigs)
    Goats / Hedgehogs
    Potbellied pigs
    Snakes/Tortoises and Turtles

    Many responsible pet owners will move heaven and earth to help their family pet through health issues but surgeries, medications and boarding costs can be in the thousands of dollars for serious injuries or treatments. Exotic pet care can even be more expensive since the veterinarian care may need to be more specialized. With that in mind, many owners are managing their financial risk by taking out low cost pet insurance for their animals.

    When looking for a particular provider, you may want to consider the following:

    Can I take my pig to any vet – Some companies will require you go to their network of veterinarians, others will allow you to visit any vet you choose. Some plans will also allow you to visit specialists for the best care.
    Are wellness visits covered – Some plans will include wellness visits into your policy. This option could increase your premium, but can be worth it over time.
    What does each incident mean when it pertains to my deductible – A single occurrence of an accident or illness is typically what is defined by the term “incident”.

    In summary, there are insurers available who will provide exotic pet insurance to cover major medical and surgical procedures, boarding and other associated costs when your pot bellied pig is feeling under the weather.


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