• Zoo Land 30.11.2021 Comments Off on Get Smart With Chiquitos Vouchers And Colchester Zoo Vouchers

    If you are a fashion freak and want to get the look of the celebrities, it is easy and cheaper now. You would find many outfits with similar styling like celebrities on various online as well as traditional stores. You would be able to shop for men, women and kids. You can get them at lower rates with chiquitos vouchers. It is helpful as otherwise these outfits are very costly.

    You can get many products for women like nightwear, sunglasses, jeans, shoes, jewellery, watches, bags and purses, shoes, tops, t-shirts, jackets, accessories and many more. For men, you will encounter large range of shoes, bags, sun glasses, watches, sweat shirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, jersey, undergarments, socks, shoes, etc. You have option available for kids; you can get clothes, shoes, accessories, etc available for children new born till of 8 years.

    The chiquitos vouchers and the colchester zoo vouchers can get you hottest fashion and newest looks for each one of you. You would be able to find many styles and designs of different brands. On this online store, you would be able to get the best beauty products, apparels, accessories for each one of you. However, this store has online sale very rarely. But if you are in search of good discount, you can simply jump to the respective site and get the chiquitos vouchers codes and avail benefit from it.

    Through various sites on the internet, you would be able to get voucher for your favourite products and brands. This site has a huge range of different voucher codes; all you need is to be updated with it. With the chiquitos vouchers and colchester zoo vouchers, you can easily shop at about 999 stores online. Just to save your money and yet be in style, get the chiquitos vouchers and colchester zoo vouchers.

  • Cat & Dog 29.11.2021 Comments Off on How to Care For Your Ragdoll Cat

    Ragdolls are exceptional animals who demand unique care and consideration. Their characteristic fur, character, and medical needs mean different methods of care. Lets investigate all of these three things specific to Ragdolls and how to care appropriately for your cat.

    Ragdolls have long, soft, rabbit-like fur. As their fur does not mat, the Ragdoll doesnt need a lot of grooming. However, its a good to groom your Ragdoll at least every few days. This alleviates hairballs and aids in bonding.

    Many folks think that Ragdolls dont shed. This is not always true. It actually depends on the specific cat. For example, I have two Ragdolls. One sheds gigantic masses of fur, and the second sheds not one hair. Because its hard to know if your cat will shed, its a good practice have a vacuum and lint roller ready just in case.

    The Ragdoll character can be defined as: respectful, outgoing, perceptive, needy, and passive. Due to these distinctive characteristics, special care should be reserved for Ragdolls.

    Due to the their sociable and friendly character, we shouldnt let these cats outside unless they are supervised. The Ragdoll breed does not grasp self-defense. They probably wont recognize danger or comprehend the occasion to battle or flea from a risky situation.

    The perceptive and needy aspects of the Ragdoll character may present challenges if leaving the cat home a long for a large part of the day. Usually, a couple hours home by alone is the longest time you should leave them alone.

    If responsibilities such as work or school have you away from the home for greater than a couple hours, it preferable to adopt another pet to stay home and keep your cat company. Usually, Ragdolls are welcoming of other pets, including dogs.

    Generally speaking, there are no health problems associated with the Ragdoll breed. Nevertheless, be aware of the disease called HCM or Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. This is a genetic disease found in some Ragdoll lines. Disappointingly, a cure has not been found for HCM and there are no treatment options available. The survival rate is very low. HCM typically claims the life of the Ragdoll when they are still a kitten sometimes younger than one year old.

    Ragdoll groups have donated tons of money to research and find the HCM gene. In the end it payed off: the Ragdoll HCM gene was isolated.

    Now that genetic testing for HCM is available, a good breeder will test the parents for HCM before breeding a cat. If you are breed a Ragdoll, its tremendously important to test the cats for the HCM gene. If you want to purchase a Ragdoll, be certain to ask for the medical paperwork indicating that both parents tested negative for the HCM gene.

  • Cat & Dog 27.11.2021 Comments Off on Persian Cat Adoption – Pros And Cons

    The Persian cat is the most popular breed of cat. Nearly everyone recognizes the distinctive look of the Persian – the round face, squashed nose, big eyes, small ears, stocky legs and – of course – the lovely long hair.

    If you’re thinking of adopting a Persian cat, you need to consider if it’s the right breed for you. This article goes through the potential pros and cons of owning this breed.


    Very placid and nice-natured
    Adaptable to change – so will cope well with house moves, family additions, new pets etc.
    Good with other pets including dogs
    Good with children
    Gentle and loving
    Playful and confident but not too boisterous
    Not too vocal – most have quiet, melodic voices
    Usually happy to live as indoor cats


    Long hair needs combing on nearly a daily basis to prevent matting
    Occasional bathing usually needed to keep the fur in its best condition
    Eyes prone to excessive watering, so they need wiping usually on a daily basis. May also need cleaning regularly with a special fluid as dark staining can occur
    May need to occasionally cut knots out of hair or even get areas on the body shaved if heavy matting occurs
    May need occasional help with hygiene especially if they get diarrhea, as it can be difficult for them to clean their long fur thoroughly
    Persians need human attention, so they aren’t suitable for anyone who can’t spend time with them every day
    These cats don’t like being left alone for long periods of time. If you’re out during the day, it’s better if there’s another pet living with you too that will provide company when you’re not there

    As long as you have the time and inclination, a lot of the cons listed here aren’t really negatives. Most Persian cat owners get great pleasure caring for and spending time with their pets. If you want a lovely natured cat that needs a bit more care than most other breeds, the Persian could be the best choice for you.

  • Primates 26.11.2021 Comments Off on First Proboscis Monkey in Semporna

    River cruise has become an increasingly popular way of exploring and appreciating a fascinating aspect of the beauty of Sabah nature, especially the wildlife in the biodiversity-rich mangrove ecosystems. If the idea of cruising along a meandering river and catching glimpses of Proboscis Monkeys, crocodiles, giant fruit bats, scores of fireflies and other creatures sounds exciting to you, then you should not miss the maiden Borneo Semporna Proboscis River Cruise, Only in Semporna.

    The main attraction is the proboscis monkey is found only on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. It prefers to live in the mixed diterocarp-kerangas forests, mangrove forests and lowland forests near fresh water and rivers. Proboscis Monkey lives almost exclusively in mangrove forests, but can also be found in lowland rainforests. It depends on the mangroves near river edges for resting and sleeping. They avoid deforested areas and avoid human settlements.

    This unique monkey belongs to the Asian Langurs they are the only member of the Nasalis genus. The proboscis monkey gets its name from its large, fleshy nose also knows as Monkey Belanda. Both males and females have the large noses. Female noses are not as large, although larger than most monkeys, and juveniles have small upturned noses. The males are so large that they hang down over their mouths; their noses swell and turn red when they become excited or angry. They also make loud honking sounds as a warning when they sense danger or attract female’s proboscis, which make their noses stand out straight.

    River cruise in Semporna start at late afternoon around 3.30pm for a 25-minute ride to the Borneo Semporna Proboscis River Cruise Centre in Kampung Tunggulangan. On arrival, a walk along a 150-meters wooden bridge will lead to the centre where visitors can watch and feed the long-tailed macaques with guavas and bread. For bird watching and you can expect to sight horn bills, kingfishers and other species. While enjoy a hi-tea of traditional Malay snacks and drinks while appreciating pristine rainforest ambience and fresh air in river cruise jetty restaurant.

    The river cruise centre boat will leave the centre for the hour-long cruise along Sungai Buaya and Sungai Pegagau. It is a great way to experience nature’s sight and sound in the tranquil living environment of a diversity of riverine wildlife, especially Proboscis Monkeys, Long Tail Macaque, Pig Tail Macaque, Giant Fruit Bats, Crocodiles and birds. By late evening, enjoy the magical sight of fireflies lighting up and decorating the mangroves

    Read more about First Proboscis Monkey in Semporna on this website.

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  • Zoo Land 26.11.2021 Comments Off on ZSL London Zoo – Animal Adventures in the Capital!

    Steeped in history, home to a multicultural metropolis and set amidst lush green areas, the city of London offers visitors an unforgettable sightseeing experience. The capital of England, it is also one of the best places for a fun family holiday and there are many sites of interest worth visiting that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. One of the foremost among these is the ZSL London Zoo.

    Situated within easy reach of the Regent’s Park Station, this famous zoo is considered the oldest scientific zoo in the world. Home to more than 750 different kinds of species from all over the world, this attraction offers an exciting day out for the whole family. There is much to see and do here, and the different themed sections give one a chance to view animals in habitats similar to what you will find in the wild.

    One of its most recent additions is the Tiger Territory where you can see Sumatran tigers that are critically endangered. Set amidst a Sumatran style tropical habitat, this section features huge glass windows where you can view these magnificent predators. At the Gorilla Kingdom, one has the unique opportunity of seeing western lowland gorillas, namely Zaire, Jookie and Effie!

    At the ZSL London Zoo you will also find the city’s sole living rainforest at Rainforest Life. As you explore this area you will come across such species as sloths, armadillos, trumpeter birds, red titi monkeys and golden-headed lion tamarins. There is also a special nocturnal experience where you can see creatures of the night such as bats.

    Featuring animals from Africa, the Into Africa section is home to giraffes, warthogs, zebras and even African running dogs. Those who love marine life can visit the Aquarium where you will find all manner of creatures from the deep; red-bellied piranhas, stingrays, broad sea fans, spiny starfish and electric eels can all be viewed here.

    Those planning a trip to the capital and looking for well placed 4 star UK hotels from which to embark on their adventures can choose properties belonging to Millennium & Copthorne Hotels UK. This renowned name in the travel and hospitality industry has a variety of centrally located hotels in London that are well suited for families.


  • Zoo Land 24.11.2021 Comments Off on How To Create A Figurine Zoo

    Creating a figurine zoo is a fun idea, isn’t it? You can have a little group of still animals to take care of and display all of your own. You will not have to feed them, but you will need to dust them every once in a while. A figurine zoo is a great way to show your love for animals without actually having real ones. If you are interested in creating a figurine zoo, continue reading.

    The first step in creating a figurine zoo is determining the exact location. If you have a few shelves to work with, great. The other option is to have a table or a small area of floor space available in a corner of a room. Measure out enough space for the animals that you want to include in your figurine zoo.

    The next step is to collect the figurines. You may have to shop around for a while in order to find all of the animals. The usual animals that you would find in a zoo are a lion, tiger, bear, giraffe, zebra, and elephant. These animal figurines will be the easiest to find in stores and online. You might be able to find other animals like birds, and if you can find them, the better your zoo will be. Make sure that they are all a proportionate size, or the zoo just won’t look right. You may want to look at some pictures of these animals just to be sure of their relative sizes.

    Once you have all of your figurines, it is time to set up the zoo. You can add some fake grass or a little area of sand in the zoo area. You might want to put up a small tree figurine, or put up several trees and bushes. Make a separate space for each animal, so they don’t hurt each other.

    Now you can put each animal in their special place. You can have them next to each other, facing one another, or facing forward. If you really want to get creative, you can add tiny people figurines looking at the animals in your zoo. Tiny human figurines will be a little bit more difficult to find, however.

    Take care of your animals by dusting them regularly. Don’t let the kids play with them, figurines are easily breakable.

    There you have it. That is how you can create your own figurine zoo with animal figurines.

  • Animals News 24.11.2021 Comments Off on Keeping Ducks As Pets – Joy That You Should Know Before You Start To Raise Ducks

    Ducks are some of the cutest creatures that ever walked the planet. It has become quite popular these days to keep these small birds for the house, not the market. Perhaps this is the reason why many people are now into keeping ducks as pets.

    Advantages of Keeping Pet Ducks

    Ducks are, by nature, domestic and sociable. These traits make it considerably easy for people to succeed in keeping ducks as pets. But why would you want ducklings to be in your house in the first place? First of all, ducks are harmless. Unlike dogs, rats, and snakes – some of the most common pets around, ducks don’t carry poison in their body, such as rabies and venom, to harm its owners. Second of all, ducks are friendly. Because they are sociable creatures, ducks can be conveniently familiarized with human habits so that boundaries can be quickly set and roles can be introduced. Last but not in any way the least, ducks are cheap. Unlike cats and dogs, ducks won’t have you spending on huge amounts of expensive food, toys, clothing and accessories, and shelter.

    How to Keep Them Alive

    But that doesn’t mean you can be complacent when it comes to raising ducks as pets. If anything, you have to be extra careful of these creatures because of their size. They require constant care for the first five weeks of life. During the first three to four weeks, they need to be placed in a warm area, like a cage or a box with a light bulb. After this period, you can introduce them to the natural weather by taking them out of the cage or box and carrying them to various parts of the house – and even outside. However, do make sure that they are away from water. Premature swimming could lead to diseases or drowning.

    When you’re keeping ducks as pets, stock up on green plants for food. Pull out the weeds in your yard or buy some packed greens from your local pet store. Ducklings also accept kitchen leftovers, but not those that have molds or are spicy. For the first two weeks, however, ducklings should only be given duck starter; for the next three to seven weeks, they should be given duck grower. Don’t forget to give them clean water for drinking.

  • Pet Shop 22.11.2021 Comments Off on The Pet Shop Boys Score Exciting Ballet Musical

    Ballet has been performed for hundreds of years, from the 15th century Italian courts to modern day Africa (the Cape Town City Ballet for example), producing many famous figures including Vaslav Nijinsky and the great impresario Serge Diaghilev. Ballet may give the impression of an art form that survives on tradition, but this is not necessarily true. Serge Diaghilev collaborated with contemporaries like Pablo Picasso and Chanel as did Tchaikovsky when working on Swan Lake, such collaborations aim to treat the audience to a great story and music on stage.

    More recently, the electronic pop duo Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe from ‘The Pet Shop Boys’ (famous for tracks ‘West End Girls’ and ‘Go West’) have worked with Sadler’s Wells Theatre and the award-winning choreographer and director Javier De Frutos to help produce a contemporary ballet. The ballet, titled ‘The Most Incredible Thing’, is based on a Hans Christian Andersen story, originally published in 1870, tells the story of a king who starts a competition to find the most incredible thing.

    The Pet Shop Boys liked the story because it was a fascinating drama and had all the ingredients for a great ballet in the Tchaikovsky mould. The idea took off when they were asked to write a score by The Royal Ballet principal Ivan Putrov, who then introduced them to Sadlers Wells. The result is a track list of 21 pieces of music, that has been divided into three acts in the tradition of classical ballet, featuring 15 dancers and a 26-piece orchestra.

    It is the Pet Shop Boys first foray into ballet, although they had previously written a soundtracks for films created scores for West End musicals. The group feel that writing music for the ballet stage is an positive development, having created elaborate and theatrical music tours of their own. Director Javier De Frutos feels that working on a Hans Christian Andersen story with music by Pet Shop Boys is an irresistible cocktail, although neither of the duo will be donning on ballet shoes in the actual play, it is in keeping with the ballet’s mix of the classical meeting the new. The Most Incredible Thing will be on show at Sadler’s Wells between 17 – 26 March.

  • Bird & Fish 22.11.2021 Comments Off on Prettier Than A Peacock

    Add some spunky jewelry to your wardrobe this season with feather inspired necklaces, cuffs, earrings, and more. This trend has gained more popularity lately with the reemergence of bohemian style in the mainstream. Many Hollywood celebs have been sporting a more boho look. Kate Hudson who has been known for her funky style is one of the many celebrities bringing back boho. Boho fashion can give the impression of someone who is very laid back and cool, but if done wrong, the style can look sloppy and mismatched. So be careful when planning out your bohemian inspired look. Try to stay away from clothing that is too baggy and polish your look with signature bohemian jewelry pieces. Feather jewelry is one great route to go when choosing jewelry for your bohemian look. Another great idea is bangles. Also, look for any bronze jewelry as it too can help complete your look.

    Fashion followers Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen have been seen wearing feather earrings on occasion as has Miley Cyrus. Peacock earrings and necklaces have been especially popular as of late. If you are looking for another alternative to expensive jewelry like diamonds and are looking for something different besides cubic zirconia jewelry and cz rings, it may be time to spice things up with some funky jewelry. Trendsetter Lauren Conrad or “LC” from the Hills and Laguna beach is seen here wearing a pair of peacock earrings.

    You don’t have to love boho chic style to add feathers to your wardrobe. The runway has been full of peacock inspired pieces lately by top name designers. This trend translates well for jewelry–even for the most sophisticated woman. This necklace, for example, can be worn in a very classy way, but is still unique enough to make a statement.

    Keep your outfits casual and playful, but add charm with your earrings and other pieces. Bohemian chic is a style that goes in and out of fashion. If you want to embrace the trend, be aware that in a couple of years or even months, you may need to put your bohemian jewelry to rest, or at least in the back of your jewelry box. That is sometimes the problem with trendy jewelry. The trend will eventually end and a new one will surface. For now, have fun with what is hot and shop inexpensively!

  • Bird & Fish 21.11.2021 Comments Off on So What Exactly Is A Real Estate Bird Dog – Aka Property Locator

    What is a Real Estate Bird Dog? AKA Property Locator

    So what exactly is a Bird Dog / Property Locator? Bird Dogs, at least when used in the Real Estate lingo, are also known as Property Locators, Property Finders or Jobbers. They are the eyes and the ears of real estate investors that find properties for real estate investors to buy, properties they wouldnt be likely to find on their own.

    Bird Dogs go out and find undervalued properties for real estate investors! Bird Dogs do not purchase the properties themselves; however they search neighborhoods, communities, counties, cities, and so on, looking for properties for real estate investors to buy. With a little experience, many real estate Bird Dogs advance to becoming a Wholesaler, which is actually taking control of a property (getting it under contract) and then selling it to investors.

    So how does a real estate Bird Dog benefit from doing all the searching but not having to fork out a lot of moola? Investors pay Property Locators in cash when the Bird Dog finds a property the investor likes. These properties can be almost anything: single family houses, multiplexes, duplexes, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, or land.

    Investors typically pay Bird Dogs what is called a Referral Fee of around $1000 or more. My personal opinion is that Bird Dogs should be paid a lot more than a mere $1000 if the deal they find makes an investor a lot of money. It should be more in the realm of 3 of the net profit the investor realizes. (Note: you need to check the laws in your state because in some of them it is illegal to pay referral fees.)

    If you get good at property locating you might want to advance to the Wholesaler stage of real estate investing your reward from a deal can much more lucrative because you are doing a lot more work. Wholesalers actually gain control of the property by having some type of written agreement with the seller of the property. They then sell the contract to other investors with a wholesaling fee attached to it.


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