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Welcome to World Class K-9 World Class K-9 is unique. At World Class K-9, we operate as an established family and business protection training for dogs. We not only encourage responsible dog ownership, but we market dogs that have the ability to be successfully trained. We offer as a separate service training programs geared towards achieving results that are sound and enhance the quality of life for any pet, owner and all those affiliated (family) with the pet.

Available Dogs at World Class K-9: -Mamba- 7 month old female Belgian Malinois -Foxy- 7 month old female Belgian Malinois -Fable- female Belgian Malinois 9 months old Malo-SOLD Freink-SOLD King-SOLD

When choosing a puppy that will be raised to protect your family and/or property, you should be selective about the breed. Considering that there exist many working breeds from which to choose research is key. Even if you choose from a working class breed known for personal protection you still need to identify the right puppy from the litter, which is the reason why this handbook was written. This handbook will help you to choose the best candidate for a personal protection companion. Ideally, find a breeder that produces litters geared towards the specific temperament needed for personal protection dogs.

If you have purchased your puppy and have placed them on the right behavioral track the first phase of training can begin. -The Ultimate puppy training guide- is the next video you should watch. If you desire to further your dog’s personal protection training then it is suggested that you watch the video that focuses on -imprinting your puppy for personal protection-. Thank you and I hope that this guide helped you to broaden your understanding of how to purchase a puppy geared for personal protection work. We provide the attack dog training for security purpose.

At World Class K-9, Personal protection dogs for sale that are raised and trained for the family protection companion as well as for guard duty. Each dog with -World Class- in front of their name is from our breeding program and the others are chosen from affiliates that breed for the proper temperaments, stability, and nerves needed for the training we offer. Protection dogs, Guard dogs, Security dogs and all kind of dogs are available here. Please visit our training package page for the different levels and pricing. It’s important for us to understand your needs and desires before choosing a dog, so please feel free to contact us for any questions regarding Best home protection dog so we can ensure Protection training for dogs as per your demand.

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