Migration of Snow-White Birds, An Unbelievable Sighting According To Bird Expert

A lot of bird experts are stirred with the very unusual increase in the numbers of snow-white birds that are migrating from the Arctic to the lower 48 states this winter. Thousands of these birds were spotted among the cities of Idaho, Montana, Missouri and Massachusetts.

According to an owl expert, Denver Holt, this event is very unbelievable and could even be counted as one of the most significant phenomenon on wildlife history. Although there are really some birds from the Arctic that pays a visit to lower grounds during winter, the high number of birds who migrated this time is very unlikely.

Apparently, there had been changes in the environment of the birds that has caused them to migrate in this big number to the lower grounds. According to the bird expert, it could probably because of the lemmings, which serves as the food for the owls specially during breeding seasons. However, the real reason about the unlikely migration of the birds is still unknown.

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