Selecting A Bird Cage


Since your cockatiel spend a lot of time in its camp, it’s important that you choose a camp sensation who will make your pet comfortable and secure.


Step One
For the bird is important to have plenty of room for moving inside. So you should find a cage large enough enabling your bird to spread its wings without any effort or hitting the cages sides.

Step Two
Find a square cage which provides the bird safeness and the opportunity to nest in the corners.

Step Three
Avoid bird cages that are rounded where bars bend to the gathering at the center – the toes or the tip of bird are getting caught in this task.

Step Four
If you want a cage that could be easy to clean and looking nice, you should look for a cage with plastic bars.

Step Five
If you consider buying a block bird cage with welded wires that will be the less expensive option. But you should know that in this case you must use vinegar and water for cleaning the bird cage and removing all the excessive zinc to prevent the bird poisoning.

Step Six
Make sure bars of the cage are not more than 3 / 4 of an inch distant in order to avoid your birds head to be stuck between the bars.

Step Seven
Bird Cage door should be big enough so you may stick your hand, with the bird perched on it, inside the cage as it is not necessary your bird to hang down.

Step Eight
Bird cage is good to be equipped with several perches and toys to keep your bird busy and having entertainment. For the purpose of that the cage height should be at least 16 inches for establishing two levels for the perches.

Step Nine
We advise you to find a bird cage that is wider than high cage because birds are used to pass most of their time on the ground floor.

Step Ten
It is more comfortable for your cockatiel and of course more pleasant for the eye if the bird cage is provided with a grid on the bottom for keeping the bird away from its droppings.

Tips & Warnings
Place the bird cage in occupied room where people pass along regularly, as cockatiels are used to be in the middle of a gang.
Make sure the bird cage is placed out of direct sunlight and any drafts or smokes.