Squirrel Proof Your Bird Feeder, Impossible Maybe not

Being a builder of hand crafted Wild Bird Feeders the most common question I am asked, “Are your feeders squirrel proof?” In my opinion it is pretty much impossible to squirrel proof a bird feeder. Squirrels are pretty smart and quite agile little animals. Seems to me they can figure out any anti-squirrel mechanism. So what in the world can you do to keep these little guys off your feeders and stop them from eating all the feed and running off your wonderful birds? No, a pellet gun is not the answer, after all these squirrels are just being squirrels and there must be a humane answer to this question and there is, you just train them. Impossible you say, no not at all, read on and you will find the very best way to squirrel proof your feeders.

First off leave your bird feeders right where they are, you dont have to change a thing. About twenty five feet or so away from your bird feeding area put a flat feeder, plate or small board on the ground. There are also some nice Critter Food Dishes that can also be purchased that will go well and add a nice look to your landscape. This needs to be in an area that does not have dogs around. Go to your local merchant, Home Depot, Lowes, Target, and pick up some “Critter Food”. This is not expensive and usually is made up of blends of seeds, grains, corn and peanuts. It will take no time at all before the squirrels figure out my food is over here and every time I eat over there that person comes out and yells at me and runs me off. It is important you must continue to run the squirrels off you bird feeders with vigor. In reality the squirrels really dont want to eat with the birds anyway.

It is that simple. I have been using this method for years and seldom do I have squirrels on my feeders. Another bonus to this method is Dove do not have a problem raiding the squirrels food. Happy feeding, your squirrel problem is now solved.