Yellow Lab Stuffed Animals

Labrador Retrievers are loved the world over and with good reason: it’s a breed of dog that combines many virtues, being an ideal family pet and a first class gundog. Most puppies are hard to resist, but Labrador babies are perhaps the most irresistible whether they are black, yellow, or chocolate. And, like the real thing, yellow Lab stuffed animals are also hard to resist; with their soft plush fur and welcoming faces, you can’t help but want more than one (just like the puppies!).

The Labrador Retriever’s career has had three distinct phases. It began as a fisherman’s dog in Newfoundland, trained to bring in the nets through perilous icy waters. This was likely the breed known as the St. John’s Newfoundland. Newfoundland fishermen, bringing fish across to England, also sold off their dogs, and in its new home, the breed was developed as a gundog. The name Labrador was coined in 1887, by an early devotee of the breed, the Earl of Malmesbury. More recently, the Labrador has become one of the best-known companion dogs in the world and the dog most favored as a guide for the blind. While yellow Lab stuffed animals aren’t gifted with swimming and people assisting abilities, they do offer never ending friendship. A yellow Lab stuffed animal will love you no matter what and will always be there for a hug when you need it not unlike the real thing.

The main reason for the Labrador’s success as a pet is its personality: good-tempered, amiable, loyal and utterly reliable with children. Labs will also defend when necessary despite their good nature. Because these dogs are so easy-going, there is a tendency to think they can adapt to almost any lifestyle. But, they aren’t very well suited to a completely sedentary suburban existence and do need a fair amount of exercise to stay trim (Labs tend to gain weight if owners aren’t careful). And, they really should be allowed to swim on a regular basis for their tremendous love of water is an inescapable part of their past.

Online stores have a very realistic looking yellow Lab stuffed animal that stands a whopping two feet tall. For a young child, that comes pretty close to not only the size of the real thing, but to their height as well. With a yellow Lab stuffed animal, a child can actually feel what it might be like to have an actual Labrador. Of course, they won’t have to deal with a happy-go-lucky tail hitting them as they walk by, or the many kisses Labs like to give to show how much they love you. Either way, with yellow Lab stuffed animals (or the real dog), you just can’t go wrong.